“Vision Perfected”

Dayton Philharmonic-Post Oregon District

installation by Sierra Leone


enter the sacred sanctuary

of sight and sound,

home to myth and mystery,

awe and admiration.




celestial magic of harp transmuting perpetual agony,

angelic melodies of unburdened souls,

mend external wounds,

access internal truth.

Feel the rhythm under your skin.



You have been baptized by the kinship

of percussion and a moanin’ trumpet,

emancipate ears and hands,




harmonious a-wa-ken-ings to a vision

beyond limitations.

Strum strings of self-acceptance,

stroke the salve of liberty woven into culture like

rhythmic movement, hibiscus flowers, and bamboo healing

dance to your soul’s metronome

live infinitely between notes and lyrical rhymes.

Dream catcher speaking in tongues

benevolent prophet

now beloved composer

Chant, scream, sing—sal-va-tion, salvation.

Nine apotheosized doves spread their whistling wings on 5th Street.

heavy hearts inhale gentle woodwind wisdom,

bells ring.

mon-u-mental togetherness, crystalized tears.



Breathe in

the energy of souls sharing proximity

We are “the people who could fly”

universal citizens,

feel your feet in your shoes,

clothes touching skin

taste joy in the air,

dig deep,

pass romanticized bondage, irrational aggressions,

and implicit obstacles.

veil lifted,

vision perfected!

©️Sierra Leone