“Standing on the Power of Words”

Spirit   -   Beauty   -   Love   -   Justice

poster designed by Claire Pawlecki

Dreamcatchers stand firmly at “The Sparrow” nest

“but, oh the clay is vile beneath our feet.”

Dunbar gave us valor

Oak and Ivy fortitude tillin’ the field of immutable moral debts paid.


Fear never deterred King from his credence.

Strength for the fight stands firmly on the legacy of audacity

Emancipation Day has come and gone.

Echoes of “The Warrior’s Prayer” breathe life into justice withheld

hardened hearts rise to the vibration of our ancestors “In Search of Freedom.”


“every child must share life’s labor, just as well as every man.”

Generations ceaselessly

sustain the ancient bounty stone of root rhythm.

Strides to Freedom be heartfelt djembe au-then-ti-city

“longevity has its place.”


Truth be told, tell-the-truth-feelings

come to teach us something.

Don’t let separation begin in my mind.

King's investment is the shift in wages, policy, and tolerance.

Ancestors, rise to rhythm of voice.

Spirit, rise to the beat the drum.

Where you stand’n on the battlefield?

Church step, street corner, schoolhouse, white house

A Slave’s root and a Minister's seed, Nobel Peace!

Life for me ain't been no crystal stair, says Hughes,

confirmed by Alberta Williams King


Back bending beast-of-privilege, there are worse things

than forgiving a seat at the table like –


crawling through the ember carnage of civil war,

climbing mountains of injustice,

crossing bridges of bigotry and walking miles past inequalities.


Hostility (s)mothered what imagination prevailed

perched on the windowsill of some-body-ness

Memoirs of yesterday, we stand at the feet of your life's blueprint  

King took psyche level indictment and nailed wealth disparity to the cross.

Dunbar understood “the sweetest of the flower a-blooming” blooms again

for the work done and battles won.

Hallelu, Hallelu!

©️Sierra Leone