“Spirit of a Flyer”

Arcade: The Hub Powered by PNC

installation designed by Yamilet Perez Aragon, Mira Hollifield, Max Benson, Reilly Waldoch,

Cara Simmons, Jason Sullivan, Brandon Hines

Walk with me

through a city within a city,
walls holding a cornucopia of heritage,
passageways, and corridors filled with antiqued joy and treasured wisdom. 
Boarders of impossibility evolved into communal anchored commitment.
People side by side occupying past, present and future.
Feel a living history preserved, now restored to
Decades of redemption beneath
the Arcade’s Renaissance Revival façade.
Urban décor defining a new landmark of endurance,
flyer spirit, and diversified vision.
The eyes of innovation are open!
right when we need to remember,
Fourth and Main Street’s century old giant proclaimed it place
and footprints of prudence are “leading the way.”
Defibrillated Gem City’s heartbeat
resilient leadership and human dignity
move us forward.
The sacred vow of entrepreneurial grit to dream beyond conditions,
standing sturdy on The Hub’s time worn floors.
Rotunda windowpanes permeating inspiration, aligning
“each light with every other light entwined”
to embrace unfamiliar faces
to foster more economic growth
and encourage Dayton’s revitalization.
A city of dreamers sharing work and living spaces
You are inherited responsibility crystalized.
the pioneer
the initiator
the trailblazer
May generations upon generations to come

utilize and know the Arcade Innovation Hub as home to creators.

©️Sierra Leone