“October Butterflies”

Nesta's First Autumn

installation designed by Gracie King, Colleen Glavic, Elliott Gilardi, Alazhar Hinai, Tash Nelson

wind blows under wings

that intend to cocoon

and dawn, yet again, during early spring.

The season of pollination has passed.

Golden-color leaves cover recovering August-burnt grass

full autumn trees                                       

share our yearning for yesterday’s ambition.

Deciduous decisions

follow faded fair-weather endings

our envy accents the everlasting energy of evergreen


fluttering iridescent wings transcend leisurely

chill in air, imprints its face on frosted grass

moist autumn leaves stick to thawing blades

remnants of nectar sustain our existence

poised as the season transitions


honeybees hide in sun-dried crinkly leaves

I am suddenly alarmed as

my son’s little feet trample neatly stacked piles

sounds of laughter pour from his soul

he chants: “trees, trees, mommy, trees.”


his flapping arms release fists full of leaves

that wind blows against his face

and stick to his wool jacket.

He pockets all he could not carry to his next destination

longing to understand the bare tree’s absence


for reassurance, our eyes meet,

he dances as the sunshine authenticates this encounter

he runs until the heavy cold air slows his step.

He and the October butterfly slowly entwine

as they vicariously descend

upon the natural cycle

of new beginnings.

©️Sierra Leone