“Music Heals on Fifth and Main”

Levitt Pavilion Dayton

poster designed by Jason Sullivan

Beyond the applause is connectivity

space where light blends into evening skylines

and the urban core of atmospheric freedom

co-creates city-scape harmony.

Can you hear traces of music

pulling us forward?


In the city of second chances

smiles, laughter, and conversations reclaim space deemed underutilized

now asset and binding thread, celebrating accessibility.

The living room of Downtown Dayton extends beyond yesterday’s hardened barriers

now transformed into impromptu sidewalk networking

where lawn chairs activate creative place-making.


Gaze shifts.


Sun rays and ripples of rolling clouds soar high

feels like summer, fresh air blowing through culture and class differences

Whimsical melodies become vehicles carrying

music and artistry

genres within genres

vibrational togetherness dissipates fear.


I’ll meet you at the Levitt

Dayton’s outdoor oasis under the stars

There is no lonely, the lawn is friend.

All is spacious and uplifting

no ceiling, doors, or entrance fee.


On any day, the show is worth the walk

in drizzling summer rain

sun or no shine

resonant and rousing shade turns relaxation into rejuvenation.

Children’s bare feet stomping away separation

in sync willing bodies sway to the cadence of rhythm

staff members and volunteers are filled with inclusive gratitude.


“Pass the blue bucket over here, I want to contribute” and let

this excitement live, heal, restore

visible joy of strangers waving their arms and singing in unison,

friends and family clap loudly while dancing.


“Dayton Strong” ingenuity made way for music to build community

one concert at a time.


We are Levitt


The Levitt Pavilion.

©️Sierra Leone