“Katrina 2031: Prologue”

TEDx Dayton Talk 2013

“Katrina 2031” is a fictional monologue based on actual accounts, twenty-six years from the date of the 2005 hurricane. The-then three-year-old Angela Chaffee was an eyewitness to the death of her Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, several other loved ones who died in the aftermath. Grateful for the survival of her father, but over the last two decades accepting the loss of her immediate matriarchal figures often felt beyond Angela’s reach. When she began to appreciate her father and recognize that his trauma was just as significant, he died. But not before going on to see her finish graduate school and begin her training as a Corp Engineer.


Her childhood dream was to become an engineer. Protecting the city of New Orleans and her family was imperative. Losing her father awakened old pains. She was grateful for her own survival, but thoughts of the aftermath often made her feel like life was not worth living, especially without her mother. The overwhelming pain motivated her to bury herself in her work.Completely submerged in designing paramount protection, Angela uncovered information that disclosed proof about the “levee myths.” The file contained information about the 1927, 1965, & 2006 breeches that were deemed necessary in the name of profit & business. In each case, the breeches were used to support the removal of the residents in those impoverished communities to create a larger tourist constituency.


The life-changing event of Katrina, the agonizing pain of her father’s death, and the discovery of the truth about the levee breeches all led to one decision—to destroy the levees for a fourth time, using the same blueprints from the last three levee breeches.


Her father used to tell her often, “Every journey has a destination, and I am sure you will find your way.”

©️Sierra Leone