“Gathering Space”

Dayton Downtown Metro Library

Architecture is music,

symmetry standing still.

Architecture is imaginations renewed,

rising to the occasion,

synchronized migration, reshaped energy, embodying the multiplicity of community.


This sacred public domain,

healing hues of mint green and royal blue

color in the glory-told story and fable, inherited sovereign ground.


Descendants of descendants

fill one city block

mending Dayton’s great east and west divide.


The eminence of the birthplace of aviation

bruised wings stand in shelved unison with Gem City Buffalo Soldiers,

a legacy of complex parity,

etched through a prism of cross-generational diversity

cataloging fortified dreams

witnessed a witness, witnessing to a witness

vulnerability clothed in scholar garb—

the next lifetime in the distance.


Destination. The Gathering Space

where brilliance roams, wanders, and exhales freely

to decipher histories, to uncover unsung champions

Something compels us to come to picture freedom sitting at dusk;


We are planted autonomy upward spring

the circadian heartbeat of humanity

genres of animated inspiration

pulsating vigor -

With each turning page lives are changed;

worlds are realized.

Welcome to Library

©️Sierra Leone