“Dare to Imagine”

I am an empowered opulent yes!

hear waves of awareness integrating my focused intention,

see my inner-authority reigning supreme.

turn my inherited burdens into legacy shifted blessing,

I wonder if happiness is the side effect of knowing what I believe.


I am an empowered opulent yes!

I pretend that harmony making love to joy

is my authentic being, dressed as royalty.

stimulating thoughts that birth seeds of prosperity

I live life as art

feel the positive energetic invitation surrounding me

touch a blooming flower and remember tomorrow.

I cry, when I forget to forgive,

for what has already been forgiven and for-got-en


I am an empowered opulent yes!

I understand, growing pains only hurt when I refuse to be gentle with self.

things are not always what they seem, look again

dream out loud and romance second changes

we give thanks for manifestation in advance, outer evidence.


I am an empowered opulent yes!

standing between inner peace & grace eternally

©️Sierra Leone